I recognize that everyone on this planet is undergoing a process of change. Change, of course, can be sticky and uncomfortable. We all possess the capacity for a great awakening which leads to a healthier, happier life, yet often we resist this process of transformation.

Maybe you feel stuck in those pesky patterns or you've felt derailed by attempts at personal or professional growth. Whether working from a business or personal perspective, change is possible! It's time to bring the playfulness back into the daily practice of unlocking your hidden potential. 

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Tired of your little self?  Need to strap some balls on.....crystal, of course?! 


Are your genes too tight?

Need a little more breathing room?

Let’s unwind things and let your light out and your breath in! In this 8 month online inner Odyssey of Initiation, you will explore information pulled from your personal birth imprint and how these imprints have shaped you. You will learn ways that you can transform your thinking, your relationships and your world. During this journey of discovery, you will learn how to consistently hold the vision of your highest self while cultivating patience with your process. 

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We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.
— Buddah