The sacred can be playful, and the spiritual can be spontaneous.

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Wow….where does one begin when writing a paragraph on a life time? I grew up in an unstable environment moving from house to house in the state of North Carolina where my dad was an engineering consultant and a Klu Klux Klan leader....yes, I said that! I was the youngest of 4 and the 'sensitive' one.  My mom drove my brother and me  to Portland, Oregon, her home town, with a trailer, our dog and a few items we could stash in the car and tent trailer at the tender age of 12. That is where life began and I started to get some grounding. 10 schools by the end of 8th grade gave me a weird combination of confidence in new situations yet yearning for deeper connections.
Life got great and scary when I met my husband at sweet 16. This is when the real healing journey began. Craving intimacy and truly allowing it sent my body into years of weird physical conditions that finally led me to an inner journey that will never end. I have surrendered so many times to some malady or another and yet never given up on a ‘cure’. Well, the cures continue to unfold and my life gets richer and more fulfilling as I heal the inner voices of rejection, unworthiness, too much, etc. and embrace my traumas and dramas as my biggest life lessons. I have found my voice and my truth by going through the uncomfortable experience of inner excavation and being accountable for all of my feelings and actions….or non-actions! Ha!  Through the search of my own healing, I have enriched my life beyond measure. I have overcome many physical illnesses, emotional traumas and mental blocks. Being in this great university of life is rewarding, challenging, heart breaking but most of all, extraordinarily beautiful.  I have experienced many different healings; some profound, some down right hilarious and ridiculous, others that made me weep with deep love and beauty and yet others that were milestones to recovering and embracing my Truth.  I am a mother of 3, a grandmother of 2.5, have a dog Kona who is my daily companion and a husband of 37 years who I adore. We all do our best to be real with each other through kindness, truth, respect and accountability of our words and actions.....not easy, but rewarding beyond measure. My world family grows as my heart expands to include, not exclude as shown by my father. My disassociation from trauma allowed me to survive and has given me extraordinary gifts of traveling different realms which have enriched my creative and intuitive abilities. My sensitivity used to be a curse and now it is my most precious commodity, allowing true love and empathy for all life.   
Our wounds are where the light enters our body. It only takes time and consciousness to stop the oozing and bleeding of life force energy and to embrace our genius. What are you waiting for.....let's get started!

Inner work can be as joyful as it is liberating, and Pam lives this truth through her teachings.

Learn to romance yourself through inner work and join Pam on your ongoing path to awakening to your highest self.