Stress or Distress?

There are many components that contribute to the way a person deals with stress. Most of these traits are learned behaviors that are passed onto us from those closest to us as children. This means that we are unconsciously repeating patterns and behaviors that are not always the best approach. 

Stress, when acknowledged as a signal to do something, whether it is to make a call, write an email, change your job or make amends is a powerful nudge to get her done! It's when we avoid and procrastinate that makes us stressed out. 

Stress is an important signal for us to recognize to get a move on! When we realize that we are stressed, usually making action steps will help tremendously...even if this is making a list of TO DO's. 

I often wake in the night and get mine going so I can sleep!

I often wake in the night and get mine going so I can sleep!

The practice of asking for help is also a way to alleviate stress. This is particularly hard for some people and it is something we could all practice better. Knowing you are going to be tackling some of your To Do's with someone that you like to spend time with, makes it productive AND fun!

Relieving stress that is in the body is important as well. We all know that stress in the body is a prescription for illness, pain and disease. Again, taking action is the way to go............put your favorite tunes on and dance while you cook or clean or play; walking meditations where you visualize while you say your current mantra; one of my most recent faves.....Nadi Shodhana: the Practice of Alternate Nostril Breathing; yoga and meditation are great as they get us out of mind and give us an expansive vision.

just a few minutes calms

just a few minutes calms

I personally think of myself as an athlete during times of stress. I work hard to stay focused on what is the priority.  My list today was pretty long and it helped as I got my athlete's skin on and pushed through the exercises (my to do's) as I kept my vision clear on my personal goals. I practice walking and talking and doing and moving as if I am my future self and keep my heart's desires in the forefront. Here is one of my favorite videos that reminds me that greatness doesn't just happen....."It's what you do in the dark, that puts you in the light".

I don't know what I'd do without my body workers - Reiki, Acupuncture and massage....they literally transform me and it feels so good to RECEIVE!

Distress is when we have loss of some kind. This is a time for nurturing and self care. Create a good balance between alone time and being with those you love. Get in nature and let her nurture you feel the presence and support of the earth. Release work is vital to moving the energy out of the body. Our bodies hold on and become tense with the emotions we don't let go of. Of course, my favorite way to release body energies is the Shamanic Breathwork (Jan. 6th) where the intention, music and space allows for a safe place to let go and surrender to something to higher vibrations.

Emotions are contagious, so take care of what you share and who you are around. When you find yourself in the midst of unpleasant emotions, visualize the release through your breath and let it go! Everything is intention and our bodies become the mind's unconscious reaction to the environment. So take control, nurture your nature and......

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The Hero's Journey and Slaying Your Dragons

There has been a lot written for 100's of years about the hero. Joseph Campbell did a great job with The Hero's Journey and dissecting it's components. There are some similar themes that run through the majority of the stories. I am recapping my take on them.

The Hero's Journey and Slaying Your Dragons

There has been a lot written for 100's of years about the hero. Joseph Campbell did a great job with The Hero's Journey and dissecting it's components. There are some similar themes that run through the majority of the stories. I am recapping my take on them.

1) First, there is an Awakening An image, a message received or an Aha! What do you do with those images and messages? Most of us, discount them as foolish or silly. If there is a reaction to the Awakening, it is our cue to fuel the dream.

2) Fueling the Dream Spend time daily visualizing and meditating. Allow yourself to ask the support of your guides and receive the messages. Affirmations are a good tool to use right now as you bring the vision into focus. Affirmations should be Positive - Present Tense - Personal (I am...). I think saying these affirmations out loud allows the vibration to enter the cells and shake up some of the doubter cells a bit! Check out Hal Elrod's website for a wonderful daily routine to start your day with focus and attention: Miracle Morning. You can spend 1 minute per exercise or 10 minutes each for a total of an hour. Your life will change with this discipline and practice!

S- silence A- affirmations V- visualize E- exercise R- read S- scribe

3) Sharing the Dream We all need vision holders. We are going to skin our knees during the process, but when we share with those that remind us of our vision, it is easier to get up and get moving again! Even ask your support person to check in with you (be specific here how often) so you can be accountable. It's a great time to hire someone to keep you on track and to help you bring it into the material world. 

4) Check in with an Emotional Barometer Every day, see what you need emotionally to slay your dragons or even to ride that dragon, like Quan Yin.  You will go into those dark places and find the fear and the doubts that come in all shapes and sizes. One day, you may want to Netflix binge. Allow a little but not 2 days. You will go through a psychic death that is necessary to be the HERO of your own story. To be the warrior, you need an arsenal - inspirational YouTubes, upbeat songs....or maybe the darker songs that really allow you to say 'goodbye' to the old you. You may need a new exercise routine and/or partner. Surround yourself with images and success. Breathe it, Believe it and Become it.

5) Being of Service When we can dial into how we are bringing value and service to others with our Vision, we bring a part of our spirit into play that is contagious. Energy is contagious and those that do it from the heart, have success in all areas. When we can walk away knowing we provided connection, inspiration and value to someone - that is true fulfillment. Trust in your true nature and allow what is easy for you, to guide you to sharing your gifts. Your gifts are natural and don't need more simply need them allow them the sun light.

6) The Roots and Foundation Yea! You've made it this far! Many people need support to get all of the foundational pieces in place. This is again, a time to commit, RIGHT NOW to be the WARRIOR that is willing to overcome your enemies (doubt, lack of energy and money and support, fears) and to BECOME THE HERO of your story. Nobody else can do this.

And, finally....don't forget to celebrate once you have realized your dreams. We often forget this step but it is just as important to pause, reflect and celebrate your accomplishments.

Everything is here for a reason or a season. We need to let go as the energies become stagnant. There is something new awaiting YOU.