Do you see your future as a woman that is sovereign and fiercely compassionate or do you see yourself doing the same thing with little vision and limiting beliefs?

Are you surrounding yourself by people that thrill and celebrate each other or are you surrounded by the stagnant and familiar?

Can you see yourself walking in partnership with others and co-creating a juicy, passionate and evolving life?

We all carry the DNA of our ancestors and the memories and beliefs of thousands of years. The most recent 5000 years are the most active memories of suppression, shame, less than, guilt, powerlessness and a fear to be seen. Deep within us also lies the truth of the feminine which is fierce, intuitive, loving, receptive and creative.

How can I put the words fierce and loving in the same sentence, you ask? Sometimes, to be loving, we have to show a fierce compassion that may need to say or do difficult things AND we can be creative with our delivery optimizing the outcome. THIS is the feminine way, being bold with our convictions while conveying empathy and understanding.



Our times require that we become the Sacred Warrior but we need to put down our swords and armor and replace them with an inner conviction that is outfitted with only our head, heart and hands....naked to the truth that we all suffer, we all doubt, we all fall down and we can all rise like the phoenix fueling our hearts with our pain to make this a better world.

"The Wound is the place where the Light enters you." Rumi

Remember, once again what it feels like to live a life that is connected to Spirit. A life that invokes the Divine into your life to fuel the inner most recesses of your being to awaken to the passions that want to be expressed in the outer world. The feminine carries within her the belly of creation and regardless of what stage of life we are in, we have the potential to give birth to so much more!

As we learn to adjust to our natural inner rhythms as well as acknowledging and use the power of the cosmic timings to harness the energetic forces that surround us, we are able to allow. Nurture your nature as you awaken to the fires in your belly, the earthiness of your flesh, the waters of your emotions that move you and others and the winds of a clear, clean and focused intent that co-creates with spirit to be of service to others.

Being in a community of Alpha Priestesses will give you that place where you can feel that you aren't too much, where you can be bold with your visions, open with your fears AND continue a forward movement. In the company of other women that don't want to hold back any more, gives us all permission to be empowered to be the best we can be.

free introduction

Join me for this free introduction that will preview the entire process and what you can expect. There will be time for questions and answers at the end. This preview will last approximately 60 minutes, depending on the amount of questions. It is best if you can be in a quiet environment by yourself to reap the full benefits of the music and meditation.

A.P.P. and what you can expect

  • A better connection and commitment to Spirit and your capacity to co-create with the Divine as you accept the mystic and wise woman that you are
  • Life is a living ritual and embracing the power of ritual in life as a conduit for manifestation
  • Embracing not only the sacred feminine, but the sacred masculine within to walk life in balance
  • Appreciating the cycles of life and retrieving the lost self to reclaim your power (soul return)
  • Recognize the qualities of the elements and how to bring balance into life through this archetype
  • Acknowledge the power of the the shadow and the gold that lies within - learning through our projections the lessons the universe is giving us leading us to our higher truth
  • Learn the power of the Spiral Path of death and rebirth to surrender to your maximum creative potential
  • Discover the roots of shame that lead to continued sabotaging behaviors and replacing them with creative seed
  • Find the secret of servicing the heart with your brilliant mind and stepping fully into a woman that trusts the experience of her world and expresses it


  • 7 weekly live virtual circles (audio available)
  • Weekly Music and Movement suggestions
  • Weekly Course Materials
  • Weekly Reflective Questions
  • 3 Live Facilitation Calls with Pam
  • Private Facebook group to share, be supported and feel connection with your sis-stars